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Prices Announced! 2021 A7 Sportback

by Rae Castillon

2020 Audi A7 Sportback Prices Revealed

Nobody can deny that the Audi A7 is a great looking car, and with its new face lift for 2020, it just got even sleeker and a little bit sexier! And now we know what all that sleek sexiness is going to set you back…the entry level Sportback will cost £45,875 – quite a reasonable price for a large chunk of classy design. The range will top out around £84,480.

Major Updates

Although the A7 Sportback has been around for a few years now this is the first major reworking of the car’s appearance. The major difference being the re-worked and more aggressive looking front end, with the grill becoming of a more contemporary styling. The headlights are also a new design, they will house Audi’s Matrix LED technology and offer another stylish touch to the car. The rear end has benefited from a little nip-n-tuck too, and the exhausts have been tailored to suit the new rear bumper. Feast your eyes on the beautiful design below.


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