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Can Motorway.co.uk Make Selling Your Car Easier?

by Zack Norman
Motorway Review

The simple answer is a resounding ‘YES’. I wasn’t entirely convinced at first, since I’ve heard mixed experiences when it came to these types of online car-buying services and similar platforms. It normally comes down to you needing to massively compromise on your asking price and the market value of your car in return for massive convenience and ease of use. Not to mention, there are usually other caveats that you’d be wise to consider, too. So, is being lowballed when trying to sell your car really worth the effortlessness of getting rid of it with as little effort as possible? For most, I’d reckon that’s a hard no. Yet, the many positive review articles of car sales on Motorway have shown me that you can still offer that level of ease, while still getting a good offer, too.

Personally, I’ve already sold 3 of my own cars through motorway.co.uk… A 2018 Kia Picanto GT Line S, a 2016 Ford Mustang GT, and a 2013 Range Rover Evoque Dynamic… Yet, each succeeding transaction was simpler, more straightforward, and way more hassle-free than the last. So, how does Motorway work that sets them apart from the rest? Well, compared to most of its rivals, motorway.co.uk doesn’t value your car through your usual appraisal process. Instead, what it does is put your car that’s for sale through an auction system, where would-be buyers would compete and bid on your car. In so doing, this competitive bidding process ensures that you’re more likely to get the best trading and exchange price possible when you’re trying to sell your car.

Motorway Review

The Simplest Way To Sell Your Car Online?

Now, to be clear, Motorway is no magic bullet, as many other motorway.co.uk reviews and testimonies have noted, too. In fact, you’re probably not going to beat the market, either. In my experience, I’m confident that I might’ve been able to earn more on those 3 cars I sold via Motorway, had I sold it through traditional means. This would otherwise entail enquiring individual dealerships, and having each of them spend time to appraise my car, as I sit there and endure their oft-pushy sales negotiations. The only other viable alternative is to have my cars listed privately online, but that option is flawed, as well. Rather than having a dealership manage all that paperwork, legal red tape, the handover process, and the final payment, I’d have to do it all on my own.

That experience alone is enough to test anyone’s patience. On the other hand, motorway.co.uk basically helps to automate most of the processes of selling your car through its slick mobile app. All you need to do is have your car listed (entirely for free, too!) on Motorway, and the app guides you the whole way through afterwards. This includes guiding you on how to take good photos of your car, profiling its condition and specific details, as well as prepping it for the auction. Once you’ve approved the highest bidder’s offer, motorway.co.uk will then arrange for your car to be collected from your home (again, for free!). I was pleasantly surprised at the degree of professionalism shown when inspecting those cars and taking them out for a quick test drive, as well.

Motorway Review

Making The Most Of The Used Car Market

Anyway, back to the subject of money… Motorway does tend to award you less for your car when trying to sell it through their bidding process compared to a dealership or a private sale. But, what is incredibly valuable for me is the transparency in knowing how much is being offered for my car. When you list your car on Motorway, they connect you, the seller, to over 5,000 trusted, authorised dealerships throughout the UK. All of whom can then compete with one another to bid on your car, seeing who can offer you more. You’re then able to approve the best offer on the table. And hey, if you’re looking to earn more for your time, use this link here when you’re trying to sell your car on motorway.co.uk, and stand to get a £50 Amazon voucher.

Compared to similar services and platforms like Motorway, they do tend to offer more, backed up by countless review articles of car sales on Motorway. For example, I was able to sell that Kia Picanto for around 15% or so more than I had expected from these car-buying services. The rest of them was a breeze, too. The aforementioned Ford Mustang GT, despite how challenging it can be to sell off a more premium car, sold for a good price on motorway.co.uk, and it saved me all the hassle, too. Meanwhile, that Range Rover, given all the wear and tear it’s endured, had a pretty fair offer on it, too. Oh, and did I mention that motorway.co.uk makes sure that you’ll get your payment in no time at all, oftentimes on the very same day as the handover itself! Hopefully, this review of car sales on Motorway can help you.

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