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Lewis Hamilton Wins The World Championship In Abu Dhabi

by Rae Castillon

British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton won his second Formula 1 World Championship title after a victory in the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Hamilton beat his nearest rival in the championship, Nico Rosberg. Nico unfortunately had a bad start at the Abu Dhabi race and was further slowed down by an ERS failure half way through, and with three laps to the finish Hamilton was almost a lap clear of his German team mate.

Lewis Hamilton Moment Of Victory

Below is the moment Lewis crossed the checkered flag. Hamilton shouted: “World champion, oh my god, can’t believe it, thanks everyone”.

Moments after crossing the line Hamilton showed off to the crowd with a few donuts and then pulled over to get hold of a Union flag to fly around the warm down lap of the circuit.

At parc ferme Hamiltion’s partner, Nicole Scherzinger, was there waiting to congratulate him surrounded by a sea of cameras.

Lewis Hamilton Two World Championships

Lewis Hamilton, at the age of 29, is the 4th British driver to win more than one World Championship title, joining Graham Hill, Jim Clark,  and Sir Jackie Stewart.

Hamilton’s first World Championship was back in 2008, but today we heard him say “I can’t really explain how much this means, but it means more than the first one”.

Lewis Hamilton Post Win Interview


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