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About Us

by Paul Hadley

Latest Auto Reviews organisation is the perfect place to talk learn about the latest motoring news and reviews of cars. We test-drive all types of cars helping you make buying decisions without doing the work.

Nothing moves in the world of cars without Latest Auto Reviews knowing about it, from future models to changes in the law. Latest Auto Reviews is the definitive car reviews brand, assessing more cars than most.

Car Reviews

We are often in the driving seat of every new car out there and report back in great length about all the positives and negatives of each car. We compare them to the competition and let you know whether it is a good purchase or not.

Can’t find what you are looking for. Just drop us a line.

True MPG and Real Range

Want to know what your next car will really do to the gallon? Latest Auto Reviews True MPG tests are conducted on a rolling road in strictly controlled laboratory conditions, using a cycle based on real-world driving data. You can see our latest results here.

If you drive an electric car, we can also help you see what range your car will get in real-world conditions. Our Real Range tests show that, even under the latest official tests, there are still discrepancies between what they say your car will achieve, and what you’re likely to get on your daily drive.