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Lexus LF-SA: More Than Just A City Car

by Rae Castillon

Okay, this was one of the big surprises, for me at least, at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. I thought Lexus would entice us with a hybrid supercar of some sort, but I was completely off the mark. Instead of a V10 fire-breathing creature, they presented us with something that may just get left on a shelf and be forgotten about in this technology focused world! It’s not exactly a bad case, I mean, small cars have their place in the motoring world, they are needed by people who want cars that can conserve on fuel while being convenient on the urban streets.

Well then, Lexus presents us with the city car, cue the Lexus LF-SA.

Futuristic-Ally Nano

First impression, it is small. Not Smart Fortwo small, but still pretty small out of context. It’s 3.4m long and 1.7m wide, pretty similar to that of the Volkswagen Up and smaller than the Jetta which is also a pretty tiny car. All of that plays a big role in the LF-SA being a proper city commuter.

However, unlike the Up, the LF-SA is much more handsome in my opinion, sure, it’s not as subtle as a city car should really be, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a proper looker. Lexus has definitely played a trump card in the styling department. Wild curves peppered with sharp edges undoubtedly work together in tandem to form a mesmerizing body line, apparently styled after Lexus’ ‘L-Finesse’ design philosophy, just amplified to a downright brazen degree.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Despite looking like it’s going to be a car featuring distinctively futuristic visions, Lexus doesn’t see the purpose of it. Instead of a car that’s trying to catch up with the tide, sensible, practical, autonomous, and all that, Lexus says it’s going to be a driver focused car.

Since it’s still very much a shell, a sketch of what might be coming to us in the future has been released, no drivetrain information is available yet though. Lexus think that in a future where technology and virtual experiences are expected to have a strong influence in the car culture, proper driver’s cars are the true luxury.

A Concept? A Hindsight

Lexus has my respect on this one. Regardless of the rather appalling RC-F (as seen reviewed by Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear.), Lexus came up with something that poses a question that should best remain unsolved. We live in a world where currently, autonomous or ‘forward-looking’ cars are a norm, but with each day passing by, driver’s cars are losing ground.

We, as motoring enthusiasts, or even typical consumers think that luxury cars are comfortable, prestigious, and so on and so forth. In the future however, it might be very well reversed. A proper driver’s car will be categorized in a niche market, and eventually, become a very much unneeded luxury.

So, readers, what do you think about the Lexus LF-SA? Give your opinions in the comment section below!

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