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Nigel Mansell Opens A Mitsubishi Dealership In Jersey

by Rae Castillon

Can you imagine buying a car from a Formula One world champion at your local dealership…Well now’s your chance. One of Britain’s favourite Formula One champions, Nigel Mansell, has opened up a Mitsubishi dealership with his son Leo who also used to race motor cars and raced at Le Mans only a few years ago.

Nigel Mansell Mitsubishi Dealership – Mansells Collection

The dealership is based in Jersey and came about as an add on to a service station that the Mansells opened around 14 years ago. The service station extended into an old movie theater selling second hand cars and now has moved on to selling new cars. The showroom is called The Mansell Collection.

Get To Have A Chat With The Man Himself

It does seem like a strange choice of cars for a F1 driver to be selling, but if you are in the market for a brand new Mitsubishi Shogun, you can take a trip down to The Mansell Collection and listen to a few stories from the F1 champion himself over a brew before agreeing the payment details on your next family car.

From what I have heard as well it might be worth popping down just to see the F1 memorabilia from Nigel’s racing career around the showroom and if you really feel cheeky how about the chance to go out on a test drive with the 61 year old Formula One celeb.

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